Monday, September 17, 2012

UysFaber Day at the Comic Book Lounge

In my last post I mentioned an upcoming signing at the Comic Book Lounge in Toronto, and that I'd keep people up to date on any info that emerges. Well, the information has indeed emerged, and here I am, true to my word, keeping you as up to date as they come.

The signing is this Saturday, September 22nd, from 2:00pm until 5:00pm at the Comic Book Lounge. You can access the facebook page for the event here, and get directions to the Lounge here (hint: it's by College and Bathurst).

In addition to myself, also in attendance will be Andrew Uys (owner of UysFaber and writer of HardWear and Totem Sacred), DK Kartigan (editor and illustrator of HardWear), Rebecca Slack (HardWear illustrator), and Matt Salonen (Totem Sacred illustrator).

Comic Book Lounge - with couch for added lounging!
Come on down! Get some books signed by us! Get some great sketches from the illustrators! Get some shitty sketches from the writers!

Also, it looks like Comics North, located in Sudbury, is carrying our books as well. If anyone finds themselves in Sudbury in the next little while (maybe for the Sudbury Film Festival this weekend?) you should visit them and pick up some HardWear. And watch my mom's movie while you're at it!