Friday, October 5, 2012

Holmes Inc: The Rachael Wells Collection

Last year, I contributed a story to Holmes Incorporated, the annual anthology released by the Toronto Cartoonists' Workshop. Holmes Incorporated features the descendants of the great Sherlock Holmes, who solve crimes too bizarre for the rest of the world to comprehend. It's Sherlock Holmes with a James Bond twist.

Holmes Inc issue 2 cover, by Leonard Kirk
My story featured Elizabeth Watson, Holmes Inc. field leader and descendant of John Watson, who wakes up in a jungle after her plane is shot down. Some bad shit goes down, and basically it's awesome. My artist was Rachael Wells, with inks by Ty Templeton and letters by Keiren Smith. Rachael really put a lot into illustrating the story, and the results were pretty incredible:

And she even gave me the original art for this page!
Anyways, this past summer saw the release of issue 3 of Holmes Incorporated, and Rachael returned to illustrate her third story (she also had a story in the first issue). With three stories under her belt, I'm happy to say that she's reprinted them all (including the one written by yours truly) in one sweet comic.

And yes, I'm proud to say the cover is drawn from my story
If you're interested, you should definitely give this comic a look. In addition to reading my story, it's great to see how Rachael has really developed as an artist over the past three years. She's constantly pushing herself to try out new things and really challenge herself, like any great artist.

I believe you can purchase copies at the Comic Book Lounge, as well as through Rachael's etsy page. Check it out.

Also, you should definitely get your hands on the third issue of Holmes Incorporated. I enjoyed it a lot, perhaps even more so than issue 2 (though you didn't hear it from me), as many of the stories introduce much more emotional stakes than the crazy action of last issue. You can grab copies at the Comic Book Lounge.

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