Monday, November 19, 2007

Fun things I do that aren't on this site

I wrote a newish post on The Offline Production blog about our double-film shoot last week. Check it out here. Perhaps a sign of my priorities, about two paragraphs are dedicated to the actual filming (one per video), and the rest is about the McDonald's breakfast I had.

And while I'm linking to things, here is a recent play review I wrote for the Windsor University paper, The Lance. Despite the fact that I got really drunk halfway through writing it, it's still fairly boring because the Arts Editor did a pretty thorough job editing out my drunken ramblings. For example, what now reads, "the insights gained from attending the discussion certainly enhanced the enjoyment of the performance," used to be, "I was a good person. I gave and I gave but it wasn't enough for her. I need to take a piss. I'm hungry." Give it read if you want, but you probably don't.

And, naturally, check out The Offline if you haven't been recently. There's a new Rewind Podcast, and the "about us" section has been updated. This blog is technically supposed to be somewhat of a supplement to that site, but odds are you wouldn't know that right now, since at the moment the site links to my Mad Blogs site instead.

What the hell, while I'm throwing out links, go do a Mad Blog.


Update (20/11): I just listened to the new Rewind Podcast, and on top of it being pretty fucking funny, they mention my Offline Production Post in like the last minute of the show. Check it out, if only for that.


Daniel Warth said...

I care!

Aso said...

so do I

Aso said...

How often do you update your blog? I 'm checking it everyday. Come on! Post something.

Aaron F. said...

Not often enough. But I update a lot more during the school months when I should be doing work. Which is to say, something will be up soon.

In the meantime, go watch Dan's movie on the Offline called "Love Hurts" (I'm in it).

Aso said...

I did. It was very funny. Was it your first film or have you been playing before?