Monday, April 16, 2012

Post Convention Wrap-up

Photo by Dennis Gonzales. View his photography here.

Wizard World Toronto 2012 has come and gone, and while it's left me completely exhausted and dead inside, it was a lot of fun promoting UysFaber. A big thanks to anyone who came by and had a chat with us about all things geek (a disproportionate amount of that being Mass Effect 3). An especially big thanks to anyone who decided to give HardWear a shot. If you picked up the book at Wizard World, let me know what you thought. I'm hoping to have a booth at Fan Expo in August, promoting HardWear issue 3, which will blow the past issues out of the water, trust me.

Here's a sketch of Scarecrow, courtesy of HardWear artist and editor DK.

In other news, casting's begun on Petty Thieves, a short film I co-wrote. It's exciting seeing this project enter the pre-production stages and really start to take shape. This is probably because it means that, as co-writer, most of my hard work is done, and I get to sit back and watch Daniel Warth do all the heavy lifting. You can find out more about Petty Thieves by clicking on the link to the right, which will take you to our facebook page.

I've also got a new review for Kid Icarus: Uprising up on the UysFaber site. Check it out.

Finally, I'm making it my mission to beat every numbered Final Fantasy (minus XI and XIV), Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid game. It's not a very productive use of my time, sure, but sue me. Two nights ago I beat Final Fantasy IX, making it the third FF under my belt, joining IV and XIII. Even though the game is over a decade old, its great gameplay and excellent charm instil in it a kind of timelessness, one that I'm glad I got to experience.

Next up, Resident Evil.

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Dino said...

Awesome to see you at the show! Good luck with your projects...hope to chat again soon.